Founded in 2004, Revcap is a leading independently owned European fund manager that targets small and medium sized real estate joint ventures.

Revcap invests equity in joint ventures with proven local partners through three principal investment lines: Joint Venture Equity, Platform Investments and Core Plus Capital.

The firm has an established network of over 150 joint venture partners with whom it has transacted in 13 European countries across 475 individual investments.

Since inception, Revcap has been involved in over £10bn of real estate transactions involving the commitment of more than £2.8bn of Revcap joint venture equity.


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Our Investment Approach

Revcap invests in joint ventures with proven local partners through three principal business lines:

Joint Venture Equity

Joint Venture Equity investments are made alongside co-investing local operating partners and usually involve Revcap funding 50-90% of the total equity requirement.

Platform Investments

Platform Investments are made into real estate operating businesses where there is a compelling underlying real estate strategy and the potential to create brand value in a management platform.

Core Plus Capital

Core Plus investments are made where asset management can create or sustain a long term, institutional quality, cash flow in smaller real estate assets.