Ark Data Centres, UK


Investment Date
Q2 2005

Exit Date

Asset type
Data centres

Revcap strategy
Niche investment category

Revcap Funds
Revcap I / Ark Capital Partners

Investment Type
Platform Investment/ Dedicated Fund

Background and Opportunity

  • Initial off market purchase of a 35 acre campus site in Corsham for £7m
  • Potential to take advantage of early entry into a high growth technology related business with significant barriers to entry
  • Provide energy efficient and ultra-secure data centre space in unique campus environments
  • Create a diverse, long term, index-linked income stream from a blue chip tenant base

Transaction Progress

  • Revcap obtained planning, power and communications connections at Corsham as well as acquiring a second campus site at Farnborough; continuing development during the GFC
  • Ark was re-capitalised in 2012 when a new management team was brought in and the position was refinanced with dedicated equity (creating Ark Capital Partners)
  • In 2015, Ark was selected by HM government to form a JV called Crown Hosting which gives Ark access to all UK public sector data centre requirements
  • Ark acquired a third site (Meridian Park, Enfield) in 2018 and two further sites in 2019

Current Status

  • Ark is now a leading UK data centre developer, owner and operator
  • Ark continues to build on a current rent roll from leading financial institutions, telecom companies, blue chip corporates and government entities


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