Insite Poster Properties, UK


Investment Date
Q2 2005

Exit Date
Q1 2020
(Fully Realised)

Asset Type
Roadside billboards

Revcap strategy
Portfolio build up /
Niche investment category

Revcap Fund
Revcap I / SHCP IV

Investment Type
JV Equity /
Platform Investment

Background and Opportunity

  • Consolidate the extremely fragmented ownership base of freehold roadside billboards in the UK
  • Create a long term income stream through leveraging strong relationships with billboard operators
  • Upgrade assets to modern formats including digital screens

Transaction Progress

  • Revcap partnered with the Insite management team to build up a portfolio of over 1,700 billboard panels through multiple acquisitions and developments executed across the UK
  • Portfolio built to create a largely index-linked rent roll up to £16m with a WALT of over 15 years
  • A substantial digital upgrade programme was carried out across the portfolio

Current Status

  • Having grown Insite into the UK’s leading privately owned billboard landlord and investor, Insite was merged with its largest competitor backed by a US based private equity business


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